How to be more sustainable in 2023

When starting to plan your new wardrobe for Autumn/Winter, join us in taking the pledge to shop more consciously by choosing preloved fashion this year!

Started by #Oxfam, #SecondHandSeptember is all about out with fast fashion, and in with the old pre loved and second hand!

We decided beyond september we would continue our pledge well into 2023.

To get you started we wanted to share our top five tips for making your wardrobe more sustainable! 

Shop Vintage or Pre-loved (well we would say that wouldn't we)

Starting with the most obvious! the easy way to make a big change in more  than one way. Shopping in a vintage stores locally or online means you;

  • Extend the lifespan of clothing
    • using an item for just 9 months longer reduces it's carbon footprint by 30%
  • Reduce demand on high-street giants
    • By all means get your inspo from the big guys but look out for dupes in vintage stores
  • Can find unique, one-off pieces
    • Literally noting more satisfying than someone complimenting your outfit and you say - Oh yeah it's vintage.
  • Save money
    • Older clothes were made to last so with careful care you won't need to replace them as often
  • Find better quality clothing that will continue to stand the test of time
    • longer lasting and harder wearing vintage items will literally last a lifetime
  • Help reduce the amount of textile going to landfill
    • see our next time for what to do with those damaged items
Repair & Re-Use!

It can be tempting to see damage like a hole or a stain on an item and immediately throw it out, but constantly replacing items leads to overconsumption and that's never good! 

Not only does it cost you money to replace the item but it also adds to the continued demand for new clothing which encourages big retailers to produce at an unsustainable pace and at a low cost. So step away from this eternal loop of buying and discarding and buying again, invest in a small sewing kit (or just needles and thread to be fair!) and get a bit crafty.

Here are some helpful tutorials!

Failing your own sewing skills find a local seamstress to do it for you !

Quality over Quantity everytime

With new trends being pushed by big fashion stores every season, it can be a lot of pressure to keep up with constant new looks leading you to buying clothes you simply don't need or won't wear again! 

Buying multiple, cheap, trend-led pieces can be stressful, costly and unsustainable; it's super important to consider each piece you buy and weigh up how much wear you will get out, will it go with tiems you already have plus consider the impact of that piece.

If you can't bear the thought of leaving the shop without this piece that you'll wear over and over, then go for it, but if you're unlikely to want to wear it after this season, the consider leaving it behind and searching out similar in asecond hand stores locally or charity shops.

Ppt for timeless pieces that you know will fit your style for years to come, in doing this you will automatically start to have a much more curated style unique to you.

Clothes Swap with your friends!

Everyone has at least a few pieces sitting in their wardrobe, untouched for years. Whether gathering dust under your bed, crumpled in the back of your wardrobe or still hanging with the tags on, you're bound to have some clothes you want to get rid of have a night in and bring thos items you don't wear and have a clothes swap with friends.

Whether you get together with a few friends or invite your whole village or town, a clothes swap is a fun and lively way of refreshing your wardrobe without spending a penny! 

Donate your old clothes or exchange them with us for money off something new - keep it circular

We are fashion lovers and do like buying new things! Making room for new (second hand!) items? Well make sure that you are getting rid of your old items sustainably so they don't end up in landfill! Here's a few ways to do that:

  • Clothes Swap like above!
  • Send them to us and trade them as part of our Keep it circular!-
  • Donate to a clothing bank or local charity
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