Got vintage to sell?

Yes, yes, we do buy vintage clothing,  but there's only so much we can take at a time as we are limited with space. Because we know each vintage seller is different, we offer three options.

We will consider single items , or large quantities or collections of five or more items, of vintage clothing but we will consider single items or smaller quantities if you have something particularly rare or special that we simply cannot refuse! 

We are also happy to take part in house clearances and collect large quantities, we understand the sensitivities around this and will ensure any items are treated with respect.  To be clear we do not take item other than vintage clothing.

We are especially interested in buying clothing, shoes and accessories from the 1940s, 1950s and 1960s and 1970s vintage clothing.

Please note, we are not currently buying stock from the 80s of 90s and we do not buy real fur or astrakhan or retro-reproduction items.
We only take items in very good to excellent original condition are considered,  but we fully understand some older vintage clothing items may have minor age related flaws which we are happy to repair, fix up or repurpose.

If you have some items you think we may be interested in, or would like further information, email us at with some photographs and we'll get back to you as soon as we can.


There are essentially three options:

Trade in

Trade in your items in return for a 30% discount.  Releasing your unworn vintage items from the confines of your wardrobe, (including things you may have bought from us in the last 12 months) helps ensure a circular economy and helps to close the loop on fashion waste. It’s a win win for us all in terms of sustainability.

This ensures a circular economy and helps us in our journey to close the loop on fashion waste and be more sustainable.  This includes anything you have bought from us in the last 12 months!  This option is most viable for small one off items or small lots.

We want to revolutionise the way we think about vintage clothing shopping.

We want to further extend the life of all those vintage pieces, and say thank you for shopping sustainably - Check out the T&C's here

Get in touch with us by email and we will send you a postage bag to send your items to us in return for up to a 30% discount off something new.

Bulk Selling:

Get in touch if you have a large (or small) collection of clothing, shoes or accessories we ask that you initially email us pictures of each item, preferably including any labels, where there are any and a brief description of the fabric and the piece. This is a helpful guide as to whether we would be interested in buying all or some of the collection.

We do of course need to see items in the flesh before we are able to give any final valuation.  

We know that some of these collections will come from a departed loved one and we’d like to assure you that they will be treated with the utmost respect.  We have been known to name the collection after the original owner, especially when we have a back storey about the person or the clothes themselves.

On bulk purchase we offer wholesale prices as we have collection costs, cleaning and repair costs. Prices vary per item, depending on age and saleability and the estimated eventual retail price.

We pay the best prices for high end , highly saleable items. The times must be at least from the 1970s to be considered.

The higher the quality and desirability of the item, the higher the price we can pay you.

email us at


If you have high value individual items that you wish to sell on this may be the option for you if you are looking to achieve a higher price.  

We ask that initially you email us pictures of the individual items, preferably including any labels where there are any, and a brief description.  We aren't able to truly value your vintage clothing until we have seen them in the flesh.

We will list and attempt to sell you items within 6 months.  We will sell them on a 50/50 basis net of the cost of advertising the items, repairs or cleaning (around £5 each for three months). At the end of the 12 month period you are welcome to either collect the unsold items or we will relist them again, but charge listing fees again. 

Payments are made to consignment sellers once a month and only after completion of the sale and expiration of the returns window for the item (30 days).

email us at

In all three cases - sometimes we might say no.  

Please do not be upset if we say no. (This happens not because we don’t like your items, but we know our customers, and like to sell them things they want to buy) There may be someone else we can point you to that may be more appropriate for your particular item/s.