Vintage Clothing for Halloween

Vintage Clothing for Halloween

It’s the end of October which means one thing Halloween. If you usually spend the week before Halloween scrambling to find something to wear, why not consider repurposing something you already own?

A lot of cheap seasonal costumes end up in landfill after Halloween however, utilising your existing clothing is cost-effective and better for the environment.

Here are five Halloween ideas to transform your favourite vintage pieces into a costume guaranteed to turn heads. This will help to diffuse the stress of finding a Halloween outfit - because Halloween is scary enough!

All items listed in this blog post are available to shop from our collections.

The Devil

A classic Halloween cosutme, but with a bit of imagination your outfit will be the star of the show.  The Devil costume is a classic that can be as
sassy and bold as you want.

How about pairing our Scarlet Red Shift Dress with some Red Devil Horns and a Red Pitchfork and these fab black stillleto boots so that whether you are more Devilish or Angelic, you can be a sophisticated Devil either way. 

The Michael Jackson thriller

This vintage Haloween Costume couldn't be more 1980s.  If you want to feel less devilish and more Zombie this Halloween, this is the outfit for you.

Try our Red Leather Jacket with some Black Flares. Both items can live on in your wardrobe for years to come.  Slap on a bit of theatrical make up and you're done.

The Vampire

Whether you think of Count Dracula or Edward Cullen, it wouldn't be  Halloween without mentioning one of the biggest folklore creatures.

The Vampire was the fifteenth most popular Halloween costume in the US last year and it is predicted to stay that way this season. For the male Vampire look, we have gone with a sharp collar, which is notorious for The Count look, using our White Collared Blouse paired with our Black Flared Trousers, a pair of Vampire Fangs and some Fake Blood to bring the costume together. Whilst Vampires are typically portrayed as men, there has been an increase in female Vampires in recent years so if you want to go for the femasle vamp try our 70s A Line Maxi Dress with a Pair of Nude Tights, a pair of Vampire Fangs and some Fake Blood. Whatever you decide, just stay away from Buffy.

The Witch

Whether you go as a coven like in Hocus Pocus or decide to go alone  we guarantee you’ll look good while you’re doing it in this Witch costume. The Witch is expected to be the fourth most popular costume this year, with the Witch costume being synonymous with Halloween. To ensure you’re the best-dressed Witch this year, wear any one of our black dresses like this Poly Peck Vintage Backless Dress or this Laura Ashley Classic or our amazing Ostritch cuff John charles Maxi with a Hat and a Broomstick and you’ll be ready to cackle the night away! and then re-use the dress in the christmas party season...!

Here we have included a link to a recipe for your own fake blood that can be created using only kitchen and household ingredients to save more money.

Check out the YouTube video here: How to Make Fake Blood Without Food Coloring - YouTube

We hope our ideas have inspired you this Halloween. If you wear or draw creativity from any of the outfits featured in this blog let us know in the comments or tag us on Instagram @prettyvintageboutique. We can’t wait to see all of your Spooky Looks!

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