Why investing in your wardrobe will save you money

Why investing in your wardrobe will save you money and why you should ditch fast fashion for a pre loved or vintage items for your wardrobe.

The Essential Outfit

Giorgio Armani who left an undeniable mark on the fashion world.
With his own simple signature uniform of a darkest blue tshirt, plain navy trousers and basic white trainers, however, it didn’t stop him from becoming one of the most iconic symbols of style and elegance of recent times.

Many other designers have the same pattern both Tom Ford, and Vera Wang share that same love of an essential outfit. 

For you a thoughtfully selected yet versatile closet, made of high-quality pieces, will make you feel more confident and stylish than an ever overflowing wardrobe full of random fast fashion that will end up in the bin in a matter of wears.

Style vs Fashion

We can blame Carrie Bradshaw and her dream walk-in closet or the rise of social media but we all constantly crave the new. 

Unfortunately, cheap and pretty doesn’t always work well for your wardrobe. Not if you want to build a functional one that will least for years.

Fashion is all about what's next,  Style, on the other hand, has nothing to do with the 'of the moment'  or collecting more and more of the latest things.  Style is about identity and how your clothes say something about you.

The Fast Fashion Loop

The logic behind low-cost fashion is to buy lots of different items . However, this will lead to an over subscription to the repurchasing process and over consumption of the must haves and must have nows.

Low-cost items aren’t manufactured to last; either the quality is poor or ‘super trendy’ tends to have a very short shelf life you’ll just end up sending it to ladfill after barely wearing them.  

Fast fashion is actually not really affordable. It’s true that those one-off contactless card taps do not seem that costly but what about cost-per-wear? You use something a couple of times and it starts to fall apart, lose shape in the wash and soon enough it will need replacing.  what about the carbon footprint of that item?
This replacing and repurchasing will in the long term damage your bank balance more than investing in a well made, carefully selected, well fitting vintage or pre loved item.  High Quality items are made to last.  Quality wins over quantity in the style game

Less is more

There are so many stores where you can actually buy a tshirt, shoes or a bag for the price of a cinema ticket, shopping has become little more than a fun pastime of over-consumption.  Whilst you get instant gratification factor. You don’t think about adding them to your online basket because it’s only £9.99, £19.99 or even £29.99 these amounts won’t make much difference to your finances, but spending that same £60.00 on a peice that last years will.

Try to carefully consider whether to purchase an item or not:  Is it going to match other items in my wardrobe? Would I wear it enough to justify the price per wear? Is it good value for that money? Would I still be able to wear it 10 years from now?   If the answer is yes,  go for it.  if the answer is no maybe you should reconsider?

We should become more selective and respectful… 

Planning, setting budgets and focusing on having key pieces that will last, making you feel more confident and inspired every day and more comfortable in your own style

Let’s give up those casual trips to the shops,  shop with purpose and intent.  No more mindless impulse purchases!  Can you get it second hand,  is there a vintage dupe to those high street must haves thats carbon footpirnt would be lower?

Instead of focusing on having more and more, learn how to maximise the variety of possible outfits you can create with well-made statement pieces that are meant to last and go with items you already have and already love to wear. 

… are you in? once and for all, quit collecting and choose to add only the very best, timeless vintage clothing.

I promise you, you’ll be fullfilled each time you find invest in the right piece, that you have said ‘no’ to all those cheap (but not really cheap in their impact) items and therefore saved moeny allowing you to invest in those vintage pieces. 

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